Products we use

T F Mayers and Son have used many painting and decorating products over our years in business. On this page, we will give a list of the products we like to use. 
This page is intended to help and advise our customers.
It is our Opinion, and is based on the combined working experience of over ninety years in the painting and decorating industry. 

We are not paid to endorse or advertise products.

This is one of if not the best vinyl emulsion paints for ceilings and walls because it gives a  brilliant white finish.
One of the brightest whitest we have used and it covers extremely well. It is easy to apply and comes in a matt finish. It can be applied by brush roller or spray.
On previously painted surfaces two coats should be sufficient.  On new plaster, an initial coat (mist coat ) thinned by up to 10% should be applied as a base caot. Followed by two coats to finish.
Price wise, not the most expensive but not the cheapest either. Provides an excellent finish.

Erfurt MAV Professional lining paper is internationally recognized as being top quality. It is produced from pure paper pulp, which delivers lining paper with excellent fibre grain and superb tensile strength. It’s made by the same people that make Anaglypta.

It hangs well and can be used as a blank base to paint over or as a base layer for overpapering with your desired wallpaper. Use with either pre-mixed or mix yourself paste.

T F Mayers & Son use this product to cover imperfections in plaster or plasterboard walls such as pitting, bubbling scoring, gouging, marbling and cracking to give a sound surface to work to.

 T F Mayers & Son use this product to create a blank canvas regardless of the wall condition prior to hanging any Mural.

Although a little more expensive than traditional water-based masonry finishes Pliolite based masonry finish can be applied in lower temperatures and is shower resistant in about 20 minutes which is ideal given the typical British summers. It gives a matt finish, lasts longer and stays cleaner.